Andy Kroll
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    Andy Kroll is an investigative journalist living in Washington, DC. He works for Mother Jones magazine, and is an associate editor at TomDispatch. His writing has been published at AlterNet, The Nation, Salon,,, Truthout, The Detroit News, and a number of other publications.


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  • In recent months, a blizzard of new data, the hardest of hard numbers, has laid bare the dilapidated condition of the American economy, and particularly of the once-mighty American middle class. Each report sparks a flurry of news stories and pundit chatter, but never much reflection on what it all means now that we have just enough distance to look back on the first decade of the twenty-first century and see how Americans fared in that turbulent period...

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  • Polluted water, smoggy skies, crumbling bridges, less education funding, more unhealthy Americans: the impact of the debt deal's massive cuts.

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