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  • The Fight for Egypt's Future
  • The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has replaced Hosni Mubarak as the force that rules Egypt with an iron fist. As the one-year anniversary, January 25, approaches, the Egyptian revolution is not over.

  • Egypt: The Afterglow Has Faded
  • During the eighteen-day uprising that ousted Mubarak, the army enjoyed widespread praise as "the protector of the revolution" and was applauded for not opening fire on protesters. But the afterglow has since faded away, in large part due to the military council's repressive policies.

  • Five Months of Waiting
  • What happens when a revolution stalls out? Many feel that the basic demands of the revolution have gone unfulfilled, with little indication that a path for real change lies ahead.

  • The Revolutionary Moment
  • If the world has a heart, it beats now for Egypt. Not, of course, the Egypt of President Hosni Mubarak but the Egypt of intrepid ordinary citizens.