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  • Jim Messina, Obama's Enforcer
  • The president's re-election campaign manager, Jim Messina, a longtime aide to Montana Senator Max Baucus who entered Obamaworld in June 2008 as the campaign's chief of staff, has alienated grassroots constituencies with his hardball tactics.

  • The Dangerous US Game in Yemen
  • The United States has unintentionally helped weaken Yemeni President Saleh's regime. For years, US policy neglected Yemen's civil society, focusing instead on hunting down terrorists. These operations caused the deaths of dozens of civilians, fuelling popular anger against Saleh.

  • Spy Games
  • What's really at stake in the Raymond Davis case, a proxy struggle in which the old Pakistan is reasserting itself, pushing for recognition and a seat at the table.

  • The Revolutionary Moment
  • If the world has a heart, it beats now for Egypt. Not, of course, the Egypt of President Hosni Mubarak but the Egypt of intrepid ordinary citizens.