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  • How Not to Declare a War
  • The Obama administration's legal rationale for bombing Libya suggests that while George W. Bush may be gone, the imperial presidency isn't.

  • The Dangerous US Game in Yemen
  • The United States has unintentionally helped weaken Yemeni President Saleh's regime. For years, US policy neglected Yemen's civil society, focusing instead on hunting down terrorists. These operations caused the deaths of dozens of civilians, fuelling popular anger against Saleh.

  • What an Obama Doctrine Can't Diagnose
  • Depending on who you listen to, the Obama administration's humanitarian intervention in Libya is either an illustration of an emerging foreign policy Obama doctrine or the lack thereof.

  • Jeremy Scahill on Yemen and Libya
  • Nation Books author Jeremy Scahill's important new story on Yemen in The Nation this week lifts the veil off of America's secret war there — and brings to light the hypocrisies of US intervention in the Middle East since widespread pro-democracy protests began earlier this year.