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  • The CIA’s Censorship Machine
  • The American reaction to 9/11 included selflessness, dedication, and bravery, but it also included some harebrained and counterproductive steps. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, Horton examines those reactions.

  • Unredacting “The Interrogator”
  • An explosive new book by retired intelligence officer Glenn Carle contradicts the claims Suskind published about Pacha Wazir (which were no doubt faithful reports of what Suskind was told by sources in the intelligence community). 

  • Darker Convergence
  • Prepared remarks by Scott Horton, "Alarm and Hope 2011: Conference on the Ninetieth Birthday of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov," Moscow, May 21, 2011.

  • Six Questions for Anatol Lieven
  • Journalist turned foreign-affairs analyst Anatol Lieven has Pakistan in his bones. Descended from civil servants and officers in British India, he cut his journalistic teeth in the subcontinent. I put six questions to Lieven about his new book, Pakistan: A Hard Country.