Sarah Posner
  • Sarah Posner is a fellow at The Nation Institute, an investigative journalist, and an author covering religion and politics. Her work with the Investigative Fund, most recently focusing on the religious right, the alt-right, and the Trump presidency, has appeared in Mother Jones, Rolling Stone, New Republic, The Nation, and other publications. Posner is also the author of God's Profits: Faith, Fraud, and the Republican Crusade for Values Voters (Polipoint Press), which she wrote with the support of The Nation Institute.

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Featured Work
  • The ‘Anti-Catholic’ Playbook
  • A secret network of right-wing activists has spent millions attacking questions on abortion or LGBT rights as anti-religious bigotry.

  • Amazing Disgrace
  • How Donald Trump hijacked the religious right.

  • The Duggars' Ties with a Troubled Ministry
  • The family became poster children for the Institute in Basic Life Principles, an insular and authoritarian evangelical homeschooling ministry whose founder resigned in disgrace.

  • Aish HaTorah’s New ‘Obsession'
  • A propaganda video targeting swing states casts Muslims in threatening terms, and an Orthodox Jewish religious outreach group is tied to the effort.