Sharon Lerner
  • Sharon Lerner is a reporting fellow with Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute covering environmental issues for the Intercept. Her work focuses on the failures within the environmental regulatory process and the way corporate pollution impacts ordinary Americans. Her stories have been used in Congressional hearings, have helped lead to lawsuits of the US Air Force over the use of PFC-containing firefighting foam, and have helped get PFOA listed in the Stockholm Convention. Her investigation of chlorpyrifos was the first to lay out how the Trump Administration might reverse a long-awaited ban of the pesticide. Her stories have also appeared in the New York TimesThe Nation, and the Washington Post, among other publications.

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Featured Work
  • Exxon Mobil's Civil Rights Problem
  • Exxon Mobil is pumping toxins into a black community in Texas — 17 years after a civil rights complaint.

  • Protect Our Children's Brains
  • President Trump should follow the EPA's lead and get the pesticide chlorpyrifos out of our food.

  • Poison Fruit
  • Dow Chemical wants farmers to keep using a pesticide linked to autism and ADHD.

  • The Teflon Toxin Goes to Court
  • The first of 3,500 personal injury and 37 wrongful death claims against DuPont went to trial in Columbus, Ohio this week.

  • How DuPont Slipped Past the EPA
  • How the company worked to ensure that its Teflon chemical — classified by the EPA as a likely carcinogen — remains unregulated at the national level.