John Carlos Frey
  • John Carlos Frey is a two-time Emmy Award–winning Investigative Fund fellow at The Nation Institute and a national correspondent for PBS's NewsHour. His work reveals a seldom seen world of marginalized communities through his vast reporting along the US-Mexico border and Latino community. His first-hand approach to reporting has gained him national and international notoriety.

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Featured Work
  • Shots Across the Border
  • When an agent from the US Customs and Border Protection shoots and kills a Mexican citizen, across international borders, is it an act of war?

  • Their Day in Court
  • On May 6, the Washington Monthly published my Investigative Fund report on US Border Patrol agents firing their weapons into Mexico; in six cases, they killed Mexican civilians in Mexican territory...

  • Dying To Get Back
  • Illegal border crossings have plummeted in recent years. But migrant deaths are on the rise.

  • Bodies at the Border
  • US policymakers have forced deported families to risk death by crossing back into ever more inhospitable desert terrain.

  • Over the Line
  • Why are US Border Patrol agents shooting into Mexico and killing innocent civilians?

  • Cruelty on the Border
  • A hidden camera shows Border Patrol agents destroying water jugs left for migrants, and the abuse just gets worse.

  • Inside the US Border Patrol
  • Recent deportees level charges of verbal and physical abuse, sexual assault, and even torture at the US Border Patrol. Part 2 of a series; see Part 1 and Part 3.

  • Death Along the Border
  • Insufficient training and little public oversight have led to problems, including violence against migrants.

  • Escondido Police Under Fire
  • The Escondido Police Department is using DUI checkpoints as thinly veiled immigration dragnets.

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