John Carlos Frey
  • John Carlos Frey is a two-time Emmy Award–winning Investigative Fund fellow at The Nation Institute and a national correspondent for PBS's NewsHour. His work reveals a seldom seen world of marginalized communities through his vast reporting along the US-Mexico border and Latino community. His first-hand approach to reporting has gained him national and international notoriety.

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Featured Work
  • Birthright Denied
  • In Texas, immigrant parents of American citizens are being denied birth certificates for their children.

  • Left for Dead
  • An undignified end for unidentified migrants in Texas.

  • Graves of Shame
  • A Texas Rangers inquiry found "no evidence" of wrongdoing in the botched handling of migrant remains in Brooks County. New evidence indicates rampant violations of the law.

  • Return of the Debtors' Prison?
  • Cities across the country are increasingly turning to private companies to collect unpaid fines. Many who can't pay end up in jail.

  • The Real Death Valley
  • Hundreds of migrants have died in the sweltering Texas brush while waiting for Border Patrol agents to respond to 911 calls.

  • Risky Rides
  • Why carnival workers' grueling hours may threaten safety.

  • The Real Death Valley
  • The untold story of mass graves and migrant deaths in South Texas.

Featured Video
  • John Carlos Frey appears on CNN's Starting Point to discuss the death of Anastacio Hernandez Rojas, April 23, 2012
  • John Carlos Frey talks to Tamron Hall on MSNBC's NewsNation about Anastacio Hernandez Roja's death on the border, April 23, 2012.