Dani McClain
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    Dani McClain is a contributing writer with The Nation. Her reporting and commentary on race, gender, policy and politics have appeared in outlets including SlateTalking Points MemoAl Jazeera AmericaColorlines, Ebony.com and Guernica. She reported on education while on staff at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and covered breaking news for the Miami Herald's metro desk. For four years McClain served as a strategist and media director at ColorOfChange, the nation's largest online black political organization. She played a leading role in campaigns that resulted in civil rights victories, including the withdrawal of more than two dozen corporations from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). 

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Featured Work
  • The Troubled History of Long-Lasting Contraception
  • Though IUDS make teen pregnancy rates plummet, the history of birth control in America is littered with instances of coercion. Reproductive-justice advocates don't want to see that happen again.

  • It's 1963 Again
  • The announcement on December 3 that a Staten Island grand jury had chosen not to indict the policeman who choked Eric Garner to death might indicate that we are closer to 1963 than 2015.

  • Beyond Ferguson
  • Black youth are perceived as adults, and their behaviors criminalized at every turn. Can this moment help change that?

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