Nick Turse
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    Nick Turse is a fellow at The Nation Institute, an investigative reporter, the managing editor of The Nation Institute's TomDispatch and the co-founder of Dispatch Books. He is the author, most recently, of Tomorrow's Battlefield: U.S. Proxy Wars and Secret Ops in Africa as well as the New York Times bestseller Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam, which received a 2014 American Book Award. Turse was the recipient of a Ridenhour Prize at the National Press Club in April 2009 for his years-long investigation of mass civilian slaughter by US troops in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, in 1968-1969, during Operation Speedy Express.

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Featured Work
  • Donald Trump in South Sudan
  • When a satirical newspaper reported that the president of South Sudan had endorsed Trump, nearly everyone found it plausible.

  • Shadow War
  • An American drone unit under wraps.

  • No Success Like Failure
  • America's elite forces deploy to a record-shattering 147 countries in 2015.

  • A Secret War in 135 Countries
  • You can find them in dusty, sunbaked badlands, moist tropical forests, and the salty spray of third-world littorals...

  • Nothing Succeeds Like Failure
  • US Special Ops missions in Africa fail to stem rising tide of terror groups, coups, and human rights abuses.

  • Africa as Battlefield
  • The US is trying to win "hearts and minds" in Africa. It's not going well.

  • America's African Army
  • Presidential waivers, child soldiers, and an American-made army in Africa.

  • Jim Morrison's War Today
  • Jim Morrison recorded "The End" in 1966, when the American project in Vietnam still had life in it. Unlike his father, who passed away in 2008, he never saw the end of the Vietnam War, though the writing was already on the wall.

  • Battlefield of Tomorrow
  • Military missions have reached record levels after the US inks a deal to remain in Africa for decades.

  • How the Vietnam War Came Home
  • It took me years to wrap my head around what I had lived through, to understand how my entire world had been deformed by the American war in Vietnam and the reaction to our devastating defeat there.

  • A Life Sentence to War
  • They wanted to know what I learned looking into the eyes of mass murderers, what insights I gleaned by talking to torturers.

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