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    Long-time journalist Gary Rivlin is an Investigative Fund Fellow at The Nation Institute. A former New York Times reporter, he is the author of six books, including, most recently, Katrina: After the Flood, which the New York Times, NPR, and USA Today, among others, selected as a best book of the year in 2015. His book Fire on the Prairie: Chicago's Harold Washington and the Politics of Race prompted the late Studs Terkel to compare him to I.F. Stone and write, "Rivlin saw clearly what other journalists were blind to, and reported what they had non-reported." Rivlin is also the author of Broke, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc. — How the Working Poor Became Big Business, which the New Yorker's James Surowiecki described as a "blistering new investigation of the subprime economy."

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Featured Work
  • Government by Goldman
  • Gary Cohn is giving Goldman Sachs everything it ever wanted from the Trump administration.

  • The Bureau of Resistance
  • Can the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau survive the Trump years? 

  • Money for Nothing
  • Confessions of a payday lender: "I felt like a modern-day gangster."

  • Google's Payday Loan Gamble
  • Over the years, the company's more profitable advertisers have been payday lenders.

  • Car Trouble
  • A subprime boom, insane interest rates, predatory lending, a private-equity frenzy. Sound familiar?

  • Escape from New Orleans
  • As waters rose, a white suburb across the Mississippi closed a key bridge to fleeing residents.

  • Black and Still Underwater After Katrina
  • One black-owned bank helped build the city’s African-American middle class — until the hurricane destroyed much more than their homes.

  • Katrina: After the Flood
  • Gary Rivlin traces New Orleans's efforts to rebuild itself, and the storm's lasting effects on the city's geography, infrastructure — and its psychic, racial, and social fabric.

  • The Long Shadow of Bad Credit
  • A bad credit score used to block your access to bank loans. Now it may keep you from getting a job, too.

  • Which Bank Is the Worst?
  • Wonder why Occupy Wall Street is so angry with Bank of America and its brethren? Naming and shaming the worst big banks.

  • Elizabeth Warren's Summer Grilling
  • Obama's financial reform expert is hauled up to Capitol Hill (again) to defend the new agency she helped create. Gary Rivlin gives the blow-by-blow.

  • The Billion Dollar Bank Heist
  • How the financial industry is buying off Washington and killing reform. The only winners seem to be well-paid lobbyists and the legislators who are being showered with campaign dollars.

  • A Bank Survives Katrina. Now, the Hard Part.
  • In a city where an estimated two in three businesses remain shuttered, the Liberty Bank and Trust Company is not only open but also turning a profit.

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