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    Sharif Abdel Kouddous is a Puffin Fellow at The Nation Institute, and an Emmy-winning independent journalist based in Cairo. For eight years he served as a senior producer, co-host, and correspondent for Democracy Now! and he remains a frequent contributor to the program. Originally from Cairo, he returned to Egypt in 2011 to cover the Egyptian revolution. Since then he has reported from Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Bahrain, and Algeria. His work has been published in The NationWashington PostLos Angeles Times, the Intercept, Foreign Policy, Toronto StarGlobalPost, the Progressive, and Mada Masr. He has appeared on numerous national and international TV programs, including CNN, MSNBC, NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera English, France24 and more.

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Featured Work
  • The Eye of the Storm
  • During a lull in the fighting, Gaza's residents returned to assess the damage and came away without hope.

  • Crisis Deepens in Libya
  • A confrontation between Libya's Islamist-led parliament and a renegade general who wants to disband it deepened Tuesday.

  • Egypt in Year Three
  • The country is awash in conformist state worship, fueled by the narrative of a war on terror.

  • Letter From Western Sahara
  • For nearly four decades, Sahrawis have struggled for independence from Morocco. There are growing fears of a return to arms.

  • Egypt's Syrian Scapegoats
  • Syrians fleeing the fighting at home have found themselves targeted amid Egypt's political upheaval.

  • Scenes of Chaos in Egypt
  • Deadly clashes shock a nation fresh off the heels of a military coups.

  • Walking to Syria
  • The illicit mountain journey undertaken by the Free Syrian Army from Lebanon is grueling, treacherous and fraught with danger.

  • A Syrian Town in Revolt
  • Seventeen months after the Syrian revolution began, the people living in this town have grown grimly accustomed to a daily routine of indiscriminate violence, of shelling from afar.

  • In Egypt, A President Without Power
  • The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi will take over an office that the military has already stripped of much of its power.

  • Egypt's Polarizing Presidential Election
  • In the wake of the first round of Egypt's landmark election, two candidates are sitting on opposite poles of a divide that characterized Egyptian politcs for decades.

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