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  • Weapons Use By Border Agents Declines
  • Use of firearms and other weapons by US Customs and Border Protection agents fell 30 percent since newly instituted use-of-force reforms.

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  • On “Show Me a Hero” and Suburban New York Poverty
  • Via HBO, white people arguing about where non-white people should live. At times it is unsubtle, but I generally like “Show Me a Hero,” the HBO miniseries from David Simon and Paul Haggis about the 1980s battle to integrate housing in the Westchester city of Yonkers. Like Brentin Mock, I wish the NAACP, which sued Yonkers to locate […]
  • “The Teacher Wars” in Paperback!
  • Dear readers, friends, and colleagues, Today my book, The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession, is available in paperback. I’m so grateful for how the book has been received. The hardcover debuted last September at #8 on the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list. I was asked to speak about the book on the radio with Terry […]
  • On Giving Away the Ending
  • Half way through “Among the Ten Thousand Things,” a superbly written novel of middle-aged infidelity, author Julia Pierpont fast-forwards several decades and reveals what has happened to each of the central characters. This takes place in a 12-page interlude, after which the narrative picks up where it had left off. Justifying this breach of structural convention, Pierpont […]
  • Class Warfare at the Beach?
  • This Ginia Bellafante column railing against the new gourmet food court at Jacob Riis beach is, in my view, wrongheaded. So what if affluent people enjoy taking the ferry to this public park and purchasing oysters when they get there? The beach is also accessible by subway, public bus, and car. And as Bellafante notes, there is […]
  • Birth Control is a Class Issue: On Ricki Lake’s New Documentary
  • About six years ago, I began crying everyday around 3 pm. I’d be sitting at my desk in my downtown Washington, D.C. office, and would feel hazy and distracted. Then I’d get choked up. By the time I took the elevator to the lobby and started walking around the block outside, desperate for privacy, I […]