Secret Service Struggles to Prevent Shootings at the White House

The shooting incident at the White House is a reminder that the presidential security bubble is often put to the test.

Of course, the White House is a tough target. There is the bulletproof glass, the barriers, the fence, the sensors. Secret Service officers are standing guard, walking patrol, riding bicycles, driving cars, or leading bomb-sniffing dogs. It’s been reported there’s an antiaircraft system ready to take out planes that might try to launch 9/11-style suicide attacks.

But none of that, of course, stopped the alleged shooter last week, Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a 21-year-old student. Officials say he managed to hit, though not to penetrate, a White House window with a rifle shot from Constitution Avenue. Ortega, who seems unbalanced, has allegedly referred to President Obama as "the Antichrist" or "the devil," and on tape he called himself a "modern-day Jesus Christ."

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