A TomDispatch Holiday Thank You
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Dear TomDispatch Readers,

I have to say it!  You’re wonderful!  The most supportive bunch around!  And I mean every one of those exclamation points!

Your generous contributions this holiday season have guaranteed TomDispatch another year of life, our 16th, which, I think, is kind of amazing in itself.  I began TD as a no-name listserv for friends (and a host of people who somehow managed to jump aboard) in October 2001 as the bombing of Afghanistan was underway.  It didn’t, however, go online until November 2002 and I’ve been here, thanks to you, ever since. 

So to every generous one of you who helped make sure that TomDispatch would be around in 2018 to cover our ever-grimmer Trumpian version of a planet, you have my eternal gratitude. 

And oh yes, you had to know that this was coming, right?  To all those of you who read TomDispatch regularly and meant to give something but haven’t yet, please visit our donation page and consider doing so.  Every dollar you offer us means that I can support TD’s writers and staff in something closer to the fashion that they truly deserve.

And again, my deepest appreciation to you all.

Here’s to weathering 2018 together…

Warm regards,

Tom (Engelhardt)


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