Desierto: Memories of the Future
    • Desierto: Memories of the Future (1991) by Charles Bowden

Charles Bowden has refined a way of writing about nature, and man in and against nature, this is as compelling and individual as it is free of conventional pieties. Desierto brings his method to a new pitch of mournful lyricism and visionary power. Whether his subject is S&L predator Charles Keating, building his desert empire on shifting financial sands; the mountain lions, different sorts of predators, whose essence as killers escapes the mountains of data compiled on them; the brutal drugs kingpins who are the heart of la problema in Mexico; or the indigenous Seris and Yaquis, living half in this world and half in the world of their aboriginal imagination, Bowden is always a constant witness to the southwestern desert's endurance amid our civilization's decline.

 Praise for Desierto:

"A compelling and wonderfully poetic book... [Charles Bowden is] a forthright and thrillingly good writer." —Ron Hansen, New York Times Book Review