Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America
    • Blood Orchid: An Unnatural History of America

In this ground-shaking, breathtaking cri de coeur, Bowden digs with love-driven fury for the roots of our brutal history in this once-brave New World. The figures he casts before us — from Pancho Villa to a modern-day drug lord, from General Sherman to a skid-row Sioux named Robert Sundance — trace a story not so much of rapaciousness but of fear and loathing. Bowden twines it with the natural history of the hammer orchid, a carnivore whose deceptive delicacy comes to stand for the terror and hypocrisy that have perverted our love of the land, its peoples, and our very natures.

Praise for Blood Orchid:

"Blood Orchid is its own trip, brilliant... always compelling. Bowden says what he means, hang the consequences. He is becoming one of our most important voice in the so-called New West." —William Kittredge, Los Angeles Times

"Bowden's anger is delicious [he] believes that the environmental crisis is not fundamentally physical but rather is caused by the fact that 'we have lost the fire and belief and courage to act.' His book is ironic proof that the embers of that fire still glow." —Outside