The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives
    • The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives (2008) by Nick Turse

A mind-boggling investigation of the all-pervasive, constantly morphing presence of the Pentagon in daily life — a real-world Matrix come alive. Here is the new, hip, high-tech military-industrial complex — an omnipresent, hidden-in-plain-sight system of systems that penetrates all our lives. From iPods to Starbucks to Oakley sunglasses, Nick Turse explores the Pentagon's little-noticed contacts (and contracts) with the products and companies that now form the fabric of America. Turse investigates the remarkable range of military incursions into the civilian world: the Pentagon's collaborations with Hollywood filmmakers; its outlandish schemes to weaponize the wild kingdom; its joint ventures with Marvel Comics and NASCAR. He shows the inventive ways the military, desperate for new recruits, now targets children and young adults, tapping into the 'culture of cool' by making 'friends' on MySpace. A striking vision of this brave new world of remote-controlled rats and super-soldiers who need no sleep, The Complex will change our understanding of the militarization of America. We are a long way from Eisenhower's military-industrial complex: this is the essential book for understanding its twenty-first-century progeny.

Praise for The Complex:

"With a combination of wit and number-crunching, Turse gives a multidimensional picture of the biggest elephant in every room: the Pentagon" —Foreign Policy In Focus

"Turse's documentation of the interweaving of corporate and military interests is fascinating, no matter where you place yourself on the ideological spectrum."
—Noah Shachtman, contributing editor at Wired magazine, and the editor of its national security blog, Danger Room

    • Nick Turse
    • Nick Turse is an award-winning journalist, historian, essayist, and the associate editor of The Nation Institute's TomDispatch. He is the author of The Complex: How the Military Invades Our Everyday Lives and the editor of The Case for Withdrawal from Afghanistan. Turse was the recipient of a...

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