No Place Like Home: A Black Briton's Journey Through the American South
    • No Place Like Home: A Black Briton's Journey Through the American South (2000) by Gary Younge

Gary Younge grew up in the South — Stevenage in Hertfordshire. Growing up in a Home Counties New Town with Barbadian parents, he had to look elsewhere for a sense of racial identity; he found it across the Atlantic, in America's Deep South. In No Place Like Home, Gary Younge meets the myth of his formative years, showing how Southerners both black and white react to a man who looks local but sounds foreign, exploring how the South has changed, and why much of it has stayed the same. No Place Like Home is a provocative, witty and passionate polemic about race in Britain and the United States.

Praise for No Place Like Home:

"Compulsive reading... Clear-headed, forthright, sane, measured and vivid." —Jonathan Raban

"Funny, honest, disturbing." —Alan Rusbridger, Observer Books of the Year

"More than a piece of travel writing... a compelling exploration of racial identity and the problems of growing up clever, black and angry in small-town Stevenage... Younge is a fine journalist — thoroughgoing, clear-minded and meticulous, and he writes in measured, lucid prose... Next, please take a trip around the UK, Gary Younge, and write about it. Your country needs you." —Evening Standard

"A lively fusion of travelogue, research and memoir." —The Times

"Perceptive, thought-provoking... the author views America from an unusual angle and challenges the British reader's preconceptions." —Times Literary Supplement

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    • Alfred Knobler fellow Gary Younge is an award-winning New York-based columnist for The Guardian and The Nation and an acclaimed author. In 2009 he won the British James Cameron award for his coverage of the 2008 presidential election. His most recent book, on politics and identity, is Who...

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