Dear TomDispatch Readers

Dear TomDispatch Readers, 

Like you, I get an awful lot of email that I didn’t particularly ask for, including endless requests, desperate pleas, even demands for money.  Some days it seems as if that’s all I get, which is why I hate writing such letters myself or inflicting them on you in the name of TomDispatch.  I only do so twice a year.  I regret to say that we’ve reached that moment again on a distinctly Trumpian planet from hell.  I’m almost embarrassed to even ask, especially given that many TomDispatch readers have already been so generous this year in response to my various offers of signed, personalized copies of amazing books in return for donations.  (Thank you, every one of you!)

Still, if there are some of you out there willing to part with a few more bucks, here I am.  Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for this sort of thing.  You, the faithful readers of a website I’ve kept going by hook or crook all these years, are the ones who make the future (however grim it may look) possible at TD!  Without your donations Nomi Prins couldn’t predict a coming financial meltdown; without you, Alfred McCoy couldn’t explore the hidden meaning of American decline; in an America in which “extreme poverty” is making a reappearance, Beverly Gologorsky couldn’t tell you what living in poverty really feels like; Nick Turse couldn’t regularly report on a planet increasingly made for America’s spreading Special Operations forces; Andrew Bacevich couldn’t follow America’s infinite wars or Rebecca Gordon this country’s drone wars; nor could Michael Klare take us on the road to hell in the Middle East; and, of course, I’d have no chance to explore this country’s Trumpian addictions.  And that’s just to start down a list of the TD authors (and pieces) I’ve been proud of so far in 2018.

In our new age of inequality, this site remains a modest place.  It still costs money, though, and we have yet to nail down our first Trump-style “property” with the golden TomDispatch letters on it or launch our own Ivanka-esque line of clothes.  That means we remain reliant on you.  Admittedly, Managing Editor Nick Turse and I run a tight shop with a small staff, posting three well-edited pieces weekly filled with surprises you’re not likely to find anywhere else from a truly impressive set of writers.  Those pieces are then reposted across the Internet (and often across the globe), reaching a surprisingly large audience. 

Of course, we do need to pay those who work with us and I’ve always felt that authors tend to get the rough end of the stick financially.  As a result, this year I’ve raised the price of a TD piece to $300, still admittedly modest but by the standards of the moment not bad.  

In addition, as most of you know, we’ve now plunged into producing a significant line of Dispatch Books, including most recently Beverly Gologorsky’s moving novel Every Body Has a Story, on two families just out of poverty and caught in the foreclosure crisis of the Great Recession.  In addition, my own latest book, A Nation Unmade by War, has just been published.  Coming this fall: John Feffer’s Frostlands, book two of his Splinterlands series (and so the successor to his highly praised Dispatch Books dystopian novel).  As you might imagine, even with the help of the wonderful folks at Haymarket Books, this drains of us both time and money. 

TomDispatch, of course, has no advertising or paywall -- or rather you are its paywall.  And so your generosity makes all the difference to us.  In the era of a president who is beyond bizarre and an expert in demolition, if nothing else, should you find yourself with a few extra dollars and an urge to lend a hand, please visit our donation page and think about what you might give.  As always, we have quite a range of signed, personalized books on offer, including my latest, in return for a donation of $100 or more ($125 if you live outside the United States). 

In closing, to all of you who have already given to TomDispatch and to those who will soon give, there’s no way to tell you how appreciative I am.  Even when I can’t thank you individually, I always do so in my head.  Truly.  So thanks a million!

Tom (Engelhardt)

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    • Tom Engelhardt created and runs the TomDispatch website, a project of The Nation Institute. His most recent book is The American Way of War: How Bush's War Became Obama's. He is also the author of a history of American triumphalism in the Cold War, The End of Victory Culture, and of a novel, The Last Days...

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