Announcing the 2016 Recipients of the Robert Masur Fellowship in Civil Liberties
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The Masur Fellowship committee is pleased to announce that Samantha Jackson and Amber Lara are the 2016 co-recipients of the Robert Masur Fellowship in Civil Liberties.

Samantha is a student at the University of Michigan Law School and will work this summer with Americans United for Separation of Church and State to grapple with "novel civil rights and civil liberties issues" and combat corporations, organizations, and individuals aiming to incorporate religious doctrine into US law and policy.

Amber, a student at Marquette University Law School will work with the ACLU Wisconsin "working on issues pertaining to racial justice and the rights of low income people" specifically "pushing for a reformation of police practices that result in disproportionate encounters with people of color as well as court practices that result in unnecessary jailing of low-income people."

The fellowship competition is open to first-year law students who intend to carry out significant activities during the summer (in between their first and second year) in the areas of civil rights and/or civil liberties. The fellowship recipients each receive a $2,000 honorarium.

Robert Masur dedicated his legal career to protecting the rights of the unemployed, minorities, and the poor. A 1973 graduate of Stanford Law School, he spent six years at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago where he litigated a number of employment and consumer law cases. In 1976, he successfully argued an employment discrimination case before the Supreme Court. He entered private practice in 1981, where he focused on consumer protection law. His friends and family established the Robert Masur Fellowship in his memory to support the work to which he was dedicated, and to encourage young people to pursue public-interest legal careers.

The Robert Masur Fellowship committee congratulates Samantha Jackson and Amber Lara and wishes them both all the best for their activities this summer and for long and successful careers.

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