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Nation Books author Max Blumenthal is embarking on a multi-city book tour. The latest work from the acclaimed journalist is Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel

In an article for Al-Monitor, Akiva Eldar — a former chief political columnist and editorial writer for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, where he worked for 35 years — writes,

Unlike most Jews — American or Israeli — Blumenthal chose to leave his comfort zone, go into disputed territory and examine the burning questions for himself. In fact, Blumenthal's greatest strength and interest is in events on the ground and the people who live there, far from the 'peace process' and diplomatic salons. 

Blumenthal immerses himself like few other journalists inside the world of hardline political leaders and movements. In Goliath, Blumenthal reveals an Israel where right-wing leaders are sacrificing democracy on the altar of their power politics; where there is an organized assault on civil liberties; and where mob violence targets Palestinians and African asylum seekers scapegoated by leading government officials as "demographic threats." 

Watch Blumenthal on Democracy Now! Part II is available here

You can purchase the book here

"Anyone who thinks he knows what is happening in Israel and its occupied territories will think again after reading this great work." -Charles Glass

"[Goliath is] the kind of book that you just open to any chapter and quickly get a sense of both the particular and the whole. You'll find yourself instantly immersed in an engrossing family romance-one part tender, one part train-wreck-and wish you had the entire day to keep reading. Put it down, and pick it up the next day, and you'll have the exact same feeling." -Corey Robin

Tour Dates:

October 17 – Philadelphia, PA

October 23 – Washington, DC

October 26 – Washington, DC

October 30 – Portland, OR

November 3 – Seattle, WA

November 4 – Culver City, CA

November 6 – Los Angeles, CA

November 9 – Mesa, AZ

November 11 – Dallas, TX

November 14 - Denver, CO

November 17 - St. Louis, MO

November 19 – Philadelphia, PA


More dates to come!

You can read exclusive excerpts from the book at the NationAlterNetSalon, and TomDispatch.

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