Jeremy Scahill on The Colbert Report
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    • July 15, 2013: Jeremy Scahill, author of Dirty Wars, on The Colbert Report.

On Monday, July 15, Nation Books author Jeremy Scahill appeared as a guest on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report. In the rapid-fire, high-energy interview, Scahill discusses his book Dirty Wars and goes head to head with Colbert on US drone policies. 

According to The Raw Story, "Even Stephen Colbert paused for a second on Monday after journalist and documentarian Jeremy Scahill suggested even he might not be exempt from President Barack Obama's policy on unmanned drone strikes."

Watch the full video below:

Dirty Wars follows Scahill into the heart of America's covert wars, from Afghanistan to Yemen, Somalia, and beyond. What begins as an investigation into a US night raid gone terribly wrong in a remote corner of Afghanistan quickly transforms into a high-stakes global investigation into one of the most secretive and powerful military units in American history. With a strong cinematic style, the film unfolds like an action movie wrapped around a complex detective story. As Scahill digs deeper into the activities of the most secret and elite fighting force in US history, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), he is forced to confront painful truths about the consequences of a war without end that extends through Republican and Democratic administrations.

You can purchase the book here.

And be sure to check out the Sundance Award-winning documentary Dirty Wars, which was released in theaters last month to rave reviews, and is showing at cities across the country. The New York Times describe the film as "grimly outraged and utterly riveting…Like Inside Job Charles Ferguson’s incendiary expose of Wall Street malpractice, Dirty Wars cuts to the chase." Washington Post says, "Scahill certainly knows how to spin a yarn. Not that Dirty Wars feels fabricated in any way. It is meticulously researched and documented…Shocking stuff." And Andrew O'Hehir at Salon says, "Scahill's riveting film helps explain how the 'transformational presidency' turned to nightmare... [The film is] haunting and upsetting."

Watch the trailer below:

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