Sundance winner Dirty Wars in Theaters June 7
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      Film still from Dirty Wars

On April 23, Nation Books author and Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow Jeremy Scahill released his newest book, Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield. The book debuted at #5 on the New York Times bestseller list for May 12, 2013, and has received substantial critical praise

On June 7, the film Dirty Wars, directed by Rick Rowley, is in theaters. Scahill is the writer, with David Riker, and a producer of the documentary, which will be released by IFC Films throughout North America. To watch the trailer, click the play button below. 

Dirty Wars won the Cinematography Award for US Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival 2013 and, recently, the Grand Jury Prize at the Boston Independent Film Festival. Variety calls it "jaw-dropping ... [with] the power to pry open government lockboxes." The Sundance jury said it is "one of the most stunning looking documentaries [we've] ever seen." See more reviews here.

Below is a list of the initial opening dates. You can also find details on screenings and other events at the Dirty Wars websiteIf you live in New York City, tickets at IFC Center are already on sale. For other locations, tickets usually go on sale 1-2 weeks In advance.

June 7 – New York CityWashington, DCLos Angeles

June 14 – ChicagoSan FranciscoWest HollywoodBerkeleyPasadena, San JoseWhite PlainsCambridgeNashville, MontclairManhasset

June 21 – MilwaukeeMinneapolisPhiladelphiaPortlandSanta Cruz

June 28 – BaltimoreClevelandDallasDetroitHoustonSalt Lake CitySan AntonioSan DiegoScottsdaleSt. LouisTucson

July 5 – Hartford

July 12 – Boca RatonBoiseLincoln

Don't see your town listed? Demand a screening: click here.

Scahill also continues to tour the country speaking in bookstores, town halls, community centers, and on broadcast media. Check out details here

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