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The 2012 Tribeca Film Festival has just announced the calendar for its Spotlight Section, screening "34 films, 22 narratives and 12 documentaries that demonstrate the breadth of films" at the festival. Among them is the world premiere of Let Fury Have the Hour, a documentary by our friend and Nation Books author Antonino D'Ambrosio.

We have known Antonino for well over a decade. First as a friend and colleague at the Nation magazine. Then as a Nation Books author. We published his first book, Let Fury Have the Hour: The Punk Rock Politics of Joe Strummer, which came out in 2004, soon after the death of Clash front man Joe Strummer; over the years, the book has gained a cult readership. In the meantime, he has spent the last decade building La Lutta NMC, a social media and production non-profit that supports the work of emerging artists of all disciplines; non-profits; community groups; and social entrepreneurs.

Throughout this long period, Antonino has been working on a documentary inspired by Let Fury Have the Hour. Over the years we would see snippets of this film — show reels, scenes — and be very excited by the quality of filmmaking. But when would Antonino ever finish the project? Would the film become his white whale? (Meanwhile, Antonino even managed to write another book for us, A Heartbeat and a Guitar, an acclaimed chronicle of the making of Johnny Cash's controversial album about the Native American experience, the Bitter Teams album.)

Late last September we were ushered into Antonino's office to see a final cut of Let Fury Have the Hour. We had been hearing good things about the film. The people assembled to sell and promote the film were industry leaders; no slouches when it came to this sort of thing.  

Happily, the film is an utter delight, a powerful, pulsing, and very original exploration of the nexus of music and protest from the 1980s to the present. Those who have seen it report its transformative effect. You can get a strong sense of the film, its participants (who include Chuck D, John Sayles, Eve Ensler, Tom Morello, Lewis Black, and many others) and see some clips on the film's website.

And the Tribeca Film Festival has selected the film to be one of its headlining movies this April, in its Spotlight section. Congratulations paisan!

P.S. A new updated, upgraded edition of the book Let Fury Have the Hour has just hit the stores. It includes a new essay by Antonino and features extraordinary artwork from Antonino's colloborator from the film, Shepard Fairey. Buy it here!

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