Chris Hedges Interviewed on C-SPAN
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    • Chris Hedges on C-SPAN's BookTV on January 1, 2012

Nation Books author and Institute Senior Fellow Chris Hedges was interviewed at length earlier this week on C-SPAN's BookTV. Hedges discussed his most recent title, The World As It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress (Nation Books, 2011). 

Drawing on two decades of experience as a war correspondent and his work as a Truthdig columnist, Hedges presents The World As It Is, a panorama of the American empire at home and abroad, from the War on Terror to the predations of Wall Street and the creation of a permanent underclass in America.

One of the great moral voices of our age, Hedges has the rare combination of decades of reporting from conflict zones in Central America, the Middle East, Africa, and the Balkans, and the erudition one would expect from a student of Christian ethics and the classics at Harvard University. He prizes the news over the facts. And in the pursuit of truth he has risked his career; even his life. 

"I have never sought to be objective," he writes. "How can you be objective about death squads in El Salvador, massacres in Iraq, or Serbian sniper fire that gunned down unarmed civilians, including children, in Sarajevo? How can you be neutral about the masters and profiteers of war who lie and dissemble to hide the crimes they commit and the profits they make? How can you be objective about human pain? And, finally, how can you be objective about those who are responsible for this suffering?"

"Hedges shakes his finger at everybody: George W. Bush, Barack Obama, the Times, Fox News, right-wing Christians, left-wing atheists, etc. Many of his well-aimed barbs hit their targets…. By far, his best pieces are two lengthy bits of reporting, one from the Palestinian side of the Green Zone wall in the West Bank, the other from Hosni Mubarak’s security state in Egypt. Here, Hedges shows why his journalism won awards, as he takes us to places few dare to go." Kirkus Reviews

Hedges discusses ethics and empire, religion, politics, and more in this rare, 3-hour interview with C-SPAN's BookTV. Watch it online

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