Response to Allegations Against Hamilton Fish
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Dear Friends of The Nation Institute,
Some of you may have seen news reports of allegations against Hamilton Fish, the current Publisher of The New Republic and former President of The Nation Institute. I want you to know that Mr. Fish departed The Nation Institute eight years ago and, for a variety of reasons, I won't address past events. But I want to be clear that The Nation Institute is absolutely committed to creating a safe, inclusive workplace free from harassment or discrimination of any kind.
We have reiterated this in a statement to press, but I want you to know that under my leadership we have worked to make The Nation Institute a supportive workplace and an organization where abuse and harassment are not tolerated. Our staff is now unionized; we have strong policies in place against sexual harassment, discrimination and whistleblower retaliation; we have a strong anti-harassment training program and a parental leave policy which grants four months paid leave to all employees. Four of our five top positions are held by women. 

These were intentional choices made by The Nation Institute leadership and, as an organization, we are deeply committed to gender justice and workers' rights. We are pained to see these stories, but we stand with women and employees at any institution, including The New Republic, who make the choice to speak out against harassment and abuse.


Taya Kitman

Executive Director & CEO

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