• Laura Bolt
  • Laura Bolt is a writer and editor based in New York City. Currently an editorial intern at the Nation, she has also written for Washington City Paper and the American Prospect

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  • Nation Books
  • Nation Books, a program of The Nation Institute, is one of the leading independent publishers of serious nonfiction in America. Dedicated to continuing this country's long tradition of progressive thought, our titles focus on current events and politics, international relations, ...

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  • Jamelle Bouie
  • Jamelle Bouie is a blogger and journalist in Washington, DC. Since July 2010, he has been a Writing Fellow for The American Prospect, and his work has appeared at The Washington Independent,, The Loop 21, and a number of other blogs and outlets. His writing focuses on political behavior and elections, with particula...

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  • Melissa Boyle

  • Melissa Boyle Mahle is a former US intelligence officer and is an expert on the Middle East and counterterrorism. She was one of a handful of women in the CIA who spoke Arabic during her years in the Agency. She received a letter of appreciation from the President for her work on the Middle East ...

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  • Roberta Brandes
  • Roberta Brandes Gratz is an award-winning journalist and urban critic, lecturer and author of The Living City: Thinking Small in a Big Way and Cities Back from the Edge: New Life for Downtown. Gratz was appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in February 2003. Her articles ha...

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