• Glenn Carle
  • Glenn L. Carle was a member of the CIA's Clandestine Service for twenty-three years and retired in March 2007 as deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats. He lives in Washington, DC.

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  • Pratap Chatterjee
  • Pratap Chatterjee is a Visiting Fellow at the Center for American Progress and a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper. Chatterjee previously worked as an investigative journalist on environmental issues and military contracting, notably as managing editor of CorpWatch in Oakland, California, and as global e...

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  • Zaki Chehab
  • Zaki Chehab is one of the Arab world's leading journalists. He is political editor of the London-based Al Hayat and of the Arabic TV channel LBC. For over twenty-five years he has covered Middle Eastern conflicts as a commentator for the Arab and Western media, including CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera.

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